First wishes for happiness in Thailand where made at the Golden Buddha on top of the Pratamnak hill where also is Chinese buddhist temple located.

I think it is a good bridge from Chinas to Thailands temples by wisiting the Chinese temple in Thailand :)

Temple is not only for buddhism but also for Chinese gods they prayed for even some time before Buddhas teachings where brought into nowadays China.

All mountain smells from incense sticks and the atmosphere was nice. Twelve meters high Buddha statue surrounded with smaller Buddhas to pray for each day.

Blessings to everyone from this magical place!

Arriving in Thailand made my temple course to lean a bit due to making of Indian visa, need to stay in Bangkok instead of going to north.

So instead of being in Bangkok we decided to go to Pattaya to participate in local regatta.

I love sailing and last time I spent about one month sailing around the Baltic sea. But here - sea is so much more warmer and nicer!

Regatta lasted for all weekend and we won our 3rd place price - which is not bad at all!:)
So updates on temples are coming, too.

And I ended up playing Bob Marley on a base guitar and singing Frank Sinatra :)